Thursday, April 26, 2018
OASIS Floral Products is proud to be a wholesale distributor for Oasis Floral Products. We offer the complete line of Oasis floral products. If you do not see the Oasis product you are interested in please contact one of our customer service representatives. All Oasis floral products may be ordered directly through

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SKU: OS41-12557
Oasis Midollino Sticks - Pink
SKU: OS41-12555
Oasis Midollino Sticks - Purple
SKU: OS41-12554
Oasis Midollino Sticks - Red
SKU: OS41-12553
Oasis Midollino Sticks - Strong Pink
SKU: OS41-12556
Oasis Midollino Sticks - Turquoise
SKU: OS41-12316
Oasis Natural Bark Wrap - Moss
SKU: OS41-12315
Oasis Natural Bark Wrap - Woodland
SKU: OS41-12317
Oasis Natural Wrap - Alamo Bark
SKU: OS41-12319
Oasis Natural Wrap - Corn Husk
SKU: OS41-12320
Oasis Natural Wrap - Maple Bark
SKU: OS41-12318
Oasis Natural Wrap - Pear Leaf
SKU: OS41-12350
Oasis Pastel Wrap - Antique Pink
SKU: OS41-12351
Oasis Pastel Wrap - Lavender
SKU: OS41-12354
Oasis Pastel Wrap - Mint
SKU: OS41-12448
Oasis Raw Muslin - Antique Pink
SKU: OS41-12446
Oasis Raw Muslin - Aqua
SKU: OS41-12441
Oasis Raw Muslin - Bark
SKU: OS41-12445
Oasis Raw Muslin - Celery
SKU: OS41-12447
Oasis Raw Muslin - Coral
SKU: OS41-12444
Oasis Raw Muslin - Cranberry
SKU: OS41-12443
Oasis Raw Muslin - Denim
SKU: OS41-12442
Oasis Raw Muslin - Moss
SKU: OS41-12440
Oasis Raw Muslin - Natural
SKU: OS41-12382
Oasis Sequin Wrap - Copper Matte
SKU: OS41-12380
Oasis Sequin Wrap - Gold Matte
SKU: OS41-12384
Oasis Sequin Wrap - Red Matte
SKU: OS41-12381
Oasis Sequin Wrap - Silver Matte
SKU: OS41-12383
Oasis Sequin Wrap - Steel Matte
SKU: OS41-12340
Oasis White Lace Wrap
SKU: OS41-12533
Oasis Mega Beaded Wire - Gold
SKU: OS41-12534
Oasis Mega Beaded Wire - Silver
SKU: OS40-13122
Oasis 8" Wire Armature - Copper
SKU: OS40-13120
Oasis 8" Wire Armature - Gold
SKU: OS40-13121
Oasis 8" Wire Armature - Silver
SKU: OS40-12204
Oasis Etched Wire - Blue Matte
SKU: OS40-12202
Oasis Etched Wire - Copper Matte
SKU: OS40-12200
Oasis Etched Wire - Gold Matte
SKU: OS40-12203
Oasis Etched Wire - Red Matte
SKU: OS40-12201
Oasis Etched Wire - Silver Matte
SKU: OS40-12205
Oasis Etched Wire - Steel Matte
SKU: OS40-13112
Oasis Floral Mesh - Copper
SKU: OS40-13110
Oasis Floral Mesh - Gold
SKU: OS40-13111
Oasis Floral Mesh - Silver
SKU: OS41-12536
Oasis Mega Beaded Wire - Apple Green
SKU: OS41-12541
Oasis Mega Beaded Wire - Blue
SKU: OS41-12537
Oasis Mega Beaded Wire - Strong Pink
SKU: OS41-12539
Oasis Mega Beaded Wire - Purple
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