Tuesday, December 18, 2018
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DirectFloral.com is a well known Wholesale Floral supplier. DirectFloral.com has one of the largest selections of Wholesale Floral Supplies available at wholesale prices specifically for the retail floral industry. Please browse our selection of high quality Floral Supplies and other related items below.

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SKU: OS11-47708
Oasis Floral Foam Netted Spheres - 8" Netted Sphere
SKU: OS11-01871
Oasis Floral Foam Riser - Round Riser
SKU: OS11-01870
Oasis Floral Foam Riser - Square Riser
SKU: OS3250
Oasis Floral Foam Sculpting Sheet
SKU: OS11-11165
Oasis Floral Foam Shapes - 6" Standing Sphere (2/Pk)
SKU: OS11-11166
Oasis Floral Foam Shapes - 8" Standing Sphere
SKU: OS11-11161
Oasis Floral Foam Shapes - High Heel (2/Pk)
SKU: OS11-11160
Oasis Floral Foam Shapes - Purse (2/Pk)
SKU: OS11-1860
Oasis Floral Foam Sphere With Stand
SKU: OS11-27712
Oasis Floral Foam Spheres - 12" Sphere
SKU: OS11-27716
Oasis Floral Foam Spheres - 16" Sphere
SKU: OS11-27703
Oasis Floral Foam Spheres - 3" Sphere
SKU: OS7704
Oasis Floral Foam Spheres - 4.5" Sphere
SKU: OS7706
Oasis Floral Foam Spheres - 6" Sphere
SKU: OS7708
Oasis Floral Foam Spheres - 8" Sphere
SKU: OS11-03251
Oasis Floral Foam Tile
SKU: OS40-13112
Oasis Floral Mesh - Copper
SKU: OS40-13110
Oasis Floral Mesh - Gold
SKU: OS40-13111
Oasis Floral Mesh - Silver
SKU: OS 32-02801
Oasis Floral Scissors
SKU: OS 1508
Oasis FLORALOCK Plus Stem Adhesive - 4.5 oz
SKU: OS 32-02832
Oasis Florist Thumb - Large
SKU: OS 32-02831
Oasis Florist Thumb - Medium
SKU: OS 32-02830
Oasis Florist Thumb - Small
SKU: OS 41-12247
Oasis Glitter Tree Multi-Strand Brown/Gold
SKU: OS 41-12244
Oasis Glitter Tree Multi-Strand Green/Gold
SKU: OS 40-12207
Oasis Gold 23 Gauge Bind Wire
SKU: OS0150
Oasis Grand Brick Floral Foam Blocks
SKU: OS 41-12253
Oasis Gray Laser Cut Wood Snowflakes Wrap
SKU: OS 41-12254
Oasis Green Laser Cut Wood Tree Wrap
SKU: OS27-21500
Oasis Green Styrofoam Shred - 10 Cu. Ft.
SKU: OS33-28045
Oasis Greening Pins - 1 lb.
SKU: OS33-28047
Oasis Greening Pins - 10 lb.
SKU: OS33-28046
Oasis Greening Pins - 5 lb.
SKU: OS32-02821
Oasis Hooked Folding Knife
SKU: OS 1560
Oasis Hot Melt Glue - 16 oz. Bag
SKU: OS 1562
Oasis Hot-Melt Glue - 25 lb. Bulk Pack
SKU: OS31-01567
Oasis Hot-Melt Glue - 50 lb. Bulk Pack
SKU: OS1025
Oasis Iglu Grande Holder
SKU: OS1020
Oasis Iglu Holder
SKU: OS0147
Oasis Instant Deluxe Floral Foam Maxlife (36 Pack)
SKU: OS0140
Oasis Instant Deluxe Floral Foam Maxlife (48 Pack)
SKU: OS0081
Oasis Instant Floral Foam Maxlife (36 Pack)
SKU: OS0060
Oasis Instant Floral Foam Maxlife (48 Pack)
SKU: OS41-12341
Oasis Ivory Lace Wrap
SKU: OS 32-02827
Oasis Jewelry Pliers
SKU: OS11-01015
Oasis Jumbo Cage
SKU: OS 1500
Oasis Lomey Adhesive (3.2oz)
SKU: OS0955
Oasis Lomey Corsage Magnets
SKU: OS11-01361
Oasis Lomey Large Pedestal Foam
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