Wednesday, November 14, 2018
Silk Flowers is a well known wholesale floral Silk Flowers supplier. has one of the largest selections of wholesale Floral Silk Flowers available at wholesale prices specifically for the retail floral industry. Please browse our selection of high quality Floral Silk Flowers and other related items below.

Artificial Fruit Christmas Flowers Fall/Autumn Flowers
Grasses/Greens/Foliage Silk Flower Accessories Spring/Summer Flowers
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SKU: FA92007
10 Inch Apple-Pomegranate-Berry Pick with Leaves
SKU: SP21532
10 Inch Beauty Impatients Bush x 5
SKU: XS90101
10" Mica Gold Poinsettia-Holly Pick
SKU: XS90103
10" Mica Red Poinsettia-Holly Pick
SKU: XS90102
10" Mica Silver Poinsettia-Holly Pick
SKU: FA92003
11 Inch Corn-Berry-Oak Pick with Leaves
SKU: FA92001
11 Inch Orange/Yellow Pumpkin-Berry-Maple Pick
SKU: FA92005
11 Inch Pear-Acorn-Chestnut Pick
SKU: FA92027
11" Wheat Pick
SKU: SP31011
11.5" Beauty Tulip Bundle
SKU: SP31012
11.5" Cream Tulip Bundle
SKU: SP31013
11.5" Pink Tulip Bundle
SKU: DL2187
11.75" Round Sistal Wreath
SKU: SP21547
12 Inch Beauty Cyclamen Bush x 16
SKU: XS50010
12 Inch Pine Wreath x 70
SKU: SP21546
12 Inch Pink Cyclamen Bush x 16
SKU: SP21470
12 Inch Pink/Mauve Wild Rose Bush x 5
SKU: SP21472
12 Inch Red/Burgundy Rose Bush x 5
SKU: XS90158
12" Glitter Cone Pick
SKU: XS90124
12" Glitter Light Bulb Pick
SKU: FA92009
12" Green Lotus Pod-Cone-Berry-Maple Pick
SKU: FA92021
12" Rust Berry Pick
SKU: FA92015
12" Scarecrow Rafia Wheat Pick
SKU: XS90138
12.5" Glitter Onion Pick (4 Assorted)
SKU: SP21542
13 Inch Beauty/Pink Carnation-Heather Bush x 6
SKU: GR29120
13 Inch Lace Fern Bush x 4
SKU: SP21176
13 Inch Orange Ranunculus Bush x 10
SKU: SP31009
13 Inch Pink Rose Bud Bouquet x 18
SKU: SP21541
13 Inch Purple/Beauty Carnation-Heather Bush x 6
SKU: SP31007
13 Inch Red Rose Bud Bouquet x 18
SKU: GR29240
13" Cone Flower Bush x 7
SKU: FA92030
13" Pumpkin Berry Pick
SKU: FA92019
13" Sunflower Berry Pomegranate Pick
SKU: SP21539
13.5 Inch Purple Butterfly-Button Daisy Bush x 6
SKU: SP21530
13.5 Inch Purple Pansy Bush x 11
SKU: SP21224
13.5 Inch Yellow Gerbera Daisy
SKU: SP21538
13.5 Inch Yellow-Orange Butterfly-Button Daisy Bush x 6
SKU: XS90130
13.5" Berry-Leaves-Pick
SKU: XS90136
13.75" Glitter Ball Pick (4 Assorted)
SKU: SP21536
14 Inch Blue Fuchsia Bush x 7
SKU: EV51000
14 Inch Red Rose Heart Wreath
SKU: GR29138
14 Inch Striped Dracaena Bush x 20 Leaves
SKU: XS90162
14" Beaded Apple-Berry Holly Pick
SKU: XS90161
14" Beaded Pear Berry Holly Pick
SKU: XS90160
14" Beaded Pome-Berry Holly Pick
SKU: FA32082
14" Brown Corn Wall Decor
SKU: FA32083
14" Corn Yellow Wall Decor
SKU: XS90154
14" Top Hat Gold Berry Cedar Pick
SKU: EV94012
14" White Cotton Pick x 5
SKU: FA25896
14.5" Mum Bud Bush x 9
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